Blood Fin Tetra

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BloodFin Tetra (Aphyocharax Anisitsi)

The Bloodfin Tetra is a very common aquarium fish. This particular variety is more suited to life in a large community environment. They are best suited for a tank with other tetras. Bloodfin Tetra belongs to the family of Characidae, also called Glass Bloodfin Tetra. Bloodfin tetra is a great addition to your aquarium and it will provide you with years of enjoyment.

The Bloodfin tetra scientific name is Aphyocharax Anisitsi. It is a rare species of characin in the Paraná River basin, South America. The bloodfin tetra is usually growing up to 5.5 inches. Its notable characteristic is its dark blood-red coloration all over its body, including the dorsal, anal, fin, and adipose fin. 

Bloodfin Tetra is very Peaceful fish. The Important Information About Bloodfin tetras is that the fish grows very slowly. Bloodfin tetra take about three years to reach it full size in captivity. Because of the slow growth rate, This is also the reason why breeding should be done only rarely.

 Bloodfin tetra

BloodFin Tetra Care

Bloodfin Tetra is a Hardy fish. It is one of the easiest fish to care for, but it does require a little bit of extra care. Bloodfin tetra is sensitive to changes in lighting, temperature, and chemicals conditions are not perfect for Bloodfin Tetra. It is also highly susceptible to in changes the water. They can even get sick from unsuitable water conditions. if the water conditions are not Better.

BloodFin Tetra lifespan

The life span of a Bloodfin tetra can lives about 4 years. After this period it may become quite reluctant to eat feed. and could even stop eating altogether. This happens when it gets older. then dies. After it dies, it is covered with a hard coating called pleuroplasty, which prevents it from being eaten by other fish. Some freshwater aquarium enthusiasts keep the fish in aquariums, but the Tetra fish is only accepted freshwater.

Bloodfin Tetra

BloodFin Tetra Tank Size

The tank size for Bloodfin tetra should be at least 4 feet long to be able to avoid them jumping outside the tank. If you are going to keep multiple Bloodfin tetra, it may be advisable to place one in the same tank. If the one in the tank gets sick, the other can be transferred to another tank.

Bloodfins Tetra requires enough Space, so they can move freely. The tank must be large enough for the BloodFins to move around in. Maximum 20 gallons is a good size for the tank. Anything larger will put stress on Fish fins, so they may become damaged.

Make sure to clean the tank weekly. This will help remove any leftover food particles and algae which might clog the filters. Do not put any kind of object inside the water, as this will make the tetra uncomfortable. Feed Bloodfin Tetra once or twice a day, but this should depend on how frequently your fish eat.

Bloodfin Tetra

BloodFin Tetra Diet

Feeding the BloodFins is an easy process. You can feed once or twice a day. If you feed them too often, they might become overfull and stress will set in slowing down their growth. Just follow your guide carefully and make sure your water has no hardness issues. If not then it will be harder for the Bloodfin Tetra to keep the water soft. 

PH Level

Bloodfin Tetra prefers Ph Level of water up to (6 – 8)

Water Temperature

Bloodfin Tetra requires an average Water temperature between (26°C to 30°C) Celcius degrees.

Bloodfin Tetra

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