Discus Fish

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Discus Fish (Symphysodon)

Discus Fish is the Most Popular Freshwater. Discus fish are also recognized as “king of Aquarium”. Discus Fish Found in the Amazon River Basin in South America. They belong to the family of cichlidae. Discus fish is a very peaceful fish. Discus fish are extremely popular as Beautiful freshwater aquarium fish in many Asian countries it is a very popular industry.

Discus fish scientific name is Symphysodon and Discus fish is Schooling fish. they are very sensitive in the changes in water conditions and Disease. Fish do well in the community and well-maintained tanks. Although Discus fish tend to be very friendly and tame, they do tend to have a for being aggressive towards other fish Therefore, it is important to keep other, incompatible fish away from the Discus tank.

Discus fish can Grow up to Approximately 8 Inches in Size. Discus fish arrive in many varieties of colors. The most popular is the white Discus but you should be able to find them in a wide array of colors including Gold, Silver, Red eyes, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Heckle, and even Green, and many others.

Discus Fish


Discus fish is easiest to care for as they require very little attention from you to monitor their environment. Below are some of the important facts that you need to know about.

Discus fish are Extremely sensitive to water conditions. Therefore you should maintain healthy water conditions. Maintain water Hardness up to 1 to 4 dkh. Check water condition regularly that the water is clean or not. Change water 30% Weekly to keep your Discus Healthy and Discus fish loves warmer temperature. warmer Temperature can Reduce the risk of illness and Death.

Discus Fish


Discus fish need Plenty of space because fish love to move and play. When buying a tank for your Discus fish, you must pick one with a large enough size for the fish to swim freely. The tank should be deep enough to allow the fish to hide behind objects like logs and rocks, but should not be so deep that the fish might suffocate. An ideal tank for Discus fish is at least 4 feet long and a Minimum 80 Gallon.

Cleanliness and maintaining the tank should also be part of your daily routine. Discus fish do not like very dirty tanks, and they tend to be very sensitive about it. The best thing to do when cleaning the tank is to use a brush to remove the algae. The ammonia present in the water should be properly eliminated by running a filter over the tank for best results use a Biological filter.


Discus fish is omnivorous fish, and they love to eat. Discus fish eats both meat and plant feed. You can feed your Discus fish tropical flakes frozen Brine shrimp and Bloodworms. feed them once a day. This means that you should have an adequate number of live and frozen food for them. When buying the fish food, make sure that you buy one that is high in protein content. In fact, if you feed your fish too frequently, then you might end up with sick fish. Discus fish tend to get sick easily, and then they require special attention.

Discus Fish


Discus Fish can usually live about 10 to 12 years or more if well taken care of.

PH Level

Discus Fish prefers PH Level of water up to (6.0 – 7.0) ph

Water Temperature

Discus Fish loves warm Water Temperature so you should Maintain tank Water Temperature up to (28°C to 30°C) celcius degree.

Discus Fish

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