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Goldfish (Carassius auratus) : Care, Diet, Tank Size, Types, Lifespan & Other Guide

The Goldfish is one of those fascinating fish that appeal to people of all ages. It has been a popular pet among many families for years and it is not surprising that it has managed to hold on to that status even up to these days when aquariums have become very popular. There are Many species of Goldfish around the world. Goldfish are one of the most popular fish in the world. They were originally bred in Japan and they have been popular pets for hundreds of years. Goldfish are a relatively common pet. In the wild, however, they can be quite rare. Even in natural habitats such as ponds, streams and rivers

Goldfish is a favorite among fish enthusiasts for their playful personality with striking colors. Goldfish are wonderful, hardy fish. They are small, orange fish that live in freshwater aquariums. They do well in an aquarium and are easy to care for. They are fairly inexpensive and can be found in many Fish stores. There are several varieties. you should become more familiar with the types of Goldfish that are suitable for your tank and environment. Goldfish are very low maintenance pets to have. They can live in small bowls and they don’t need much food.

Types of Goldfish

GoldFish are the most popular types of aquarium fish, especially in ponds. They range from easy to care for, to the delicate but hardy Plecos or Angel Fish. Fancy goldfishes, including black Moors and orchid black, are also very colorful, interesting, and suited for freshwater tanks.

GoldFish is hardy fish, although they do need a little care. They grow easily, especially from being bred at a young age. They are relatively easy to raise and eat a variety of food. They are some of the most hardy types of goldfish because of their ability to survive in any environment. Aquarists often raise them to grow along with other types of fish to provide a balanced food source.

Before setting out to buy your new pet Goldfish, it is important to know something about this exotic fish species. Goldfish come in different colors depending on their type, including bright orange, yellow, white, and even grey. Their names come from the various minerals that they contain – for example, a goldfish called coral will have a clear covering of calcium carbonate. A mollusk goldfish, on the other hand, will be covered with an amalgamation of magnesium, cobalt, and mercury. In addition, some Goldfish may even contain trace amounts of other elements.

Goldfish Types:

  • Comets Goldfish
  • Shubunkins Goldfish
  • Bubble-Eye Goldfish
  • Celestial Eye Goldfish
  • Red-cap oranda Goldfish
  • Ryukins Goldfish
  • Black Moor Goldfish

Celestial Eye Goldfish:

Celestial Eye goldfish belong to the second most popular type of goldfish. This breed is more difficult to care for than the first option, which is commonly known as the “plummet” goldfish. Celestial eye goldfish require a lot of filtration because they have unusual colored fins. They are also prone to disease, so you should set up a filtration system to prevent them from becoming ill.

Black Moor Goldfish:

Black Moor are very popular Goldfish and can be found in collections of Tanks around the world. Their hardiness and ability to live in cold temperatures make them ideal pets. Black Moor fish is also known as telescope fish for his body and eyes. it is the most popular fish in the aquariums industry.

Shubunkins Goldfish:

Shubunkins are a very popular choice among goldfish owners. The shubunkin are very colorful and you can find them in all sorts of different colors.

Ryukins Goldfish:

Ryukins also come in all sorts of colors, but they are usually orange or red. These fish also like to come in bubble-eye colors which make them great additions to your colorful ponds.

Bubble-eye Goldfish:

Bubble-eye goldfish are found in less quantity and bubble-eye is a fancy variety of is a very sensitive fish. it is popular because of his two large fluid-filled eyes

Comets Goldfish:

Comets are the common variety of goldfish is usually kept as pets. Comets are perhaps the most popular goldfish species used for pets because of their vibrant colors. keep Comets in aquariums, but you must do not keep them with other fish. Goldfish get along well with other goldfish varieties, but other Goldfish are not recommended for keeping with comets because they can eat small amounts of the other fish’s food.

Red-cap Oranda Goldfish:

The last type of goldfish that we will discuss today is the red cap oranda goldfish. This goldfish is usually the most expensive because it is unique and rare. They can live up to 14 years in captivity so make sure you pick the right fish. The color of these fish tends to vary so you might want to talk to an expert or do some research on them before picking one.

Types of Goldfish

Goldfish Buying Tips:

If you are looking to purchase a goldfish, you should consider a variety that is less than fifteen centimeters in length. Goldfish that are too large cannot be properly cared for in an aquarium. In fact, these fish might even be harmful to other goldfish in your aquarium. Typically, fish that are too small for a community tank tend to act as if they are a child and get into trouble.

Goldfish Care:

Goldfish care is not a hard task, but it does require some work. Goldfish need clean water, so you should do at least partial water changes every week to keep their water filtered. Goldfish can become sick if their water quality falls below acceptable levels, so be sure to monitor your tank’s water parameters closely. They also need a large and clean tank with plenty of oxygenated water. Goldfish are very sensitive and can die from stress or being exposed to pollutants for too long. Goldfish waste has to be removed from the tank regularly if it is not filtered otherwise it will pollute the water and cause harm to the fish. The tank should also have a powerful filter, enough light, and decorations like plants and rocks to make it interesting for the fish. Goldfish also need gravel at the bottom of the Tank because their scales get caught on things in the tank otherwise. Goldfish should be kept in an aquarium that is at least 20 gallons in size If you want good growth and good health. The aquarium also should have a lid to prevent the fish from jumping out, and should be filled with smooth pebbles or sand at the bottom to allow for easy swimming. These fish are sensitive to their environment and change in water temperature can cause their fins to lose their beautiful colors. If you notice your goldfish has lost its color, you can help restore it by purchasing a new heater for your tank or placing a sheet of ice in it. After reading this paragraph you will be able to take care of your goldfish like a pro !

Types of Goldfish

Goldfish Filtration:

Goldfish need strong filtration because Goldfish produce huge waste and they also need a filter to keep the water clean. Filters will either suck the water up or push it through a filter of some kind, such as a sponge or a strainer. There are different types of filters like gravity fed, internal, and external. It depends on your choice whether you can use an internal filter or an external filter. But do not use a sponge filter because it is not suitable for Goldfish tanks.

Goldfish Diet:

Goldfish that are kept in aquariums should be fed at least twice a day. Feeding gold fish is easy as long as there are no more than two goldfish in the tank. The goldfish’s diet should consist of pellets, flakes, live food or frozen food. Frozen food is better because the fish can’t get spoiled by bacteria present in decaying live food whereas the pellets are more nutritious than flakes. Feeding the goldfish will help them grow to the next size. The average goldfish eat up to twenty percent of their body weight in food each day. Goldfish commonly eat corn flakes, lettuce, eggshells, and other aquarium foods


As you can see there are a few different types of Goldfish types to choose from. No matter what type of fish you decide to get there are important things to know such as the colors they come in and how much space they require. You also want to understand that some Goldfish care requires special things such as filtering them or making bubble eye traps. If you don’t do these things, you risk getting sick or getting a poor quality fish.


change water about 40% to 50% after every 15 days to maintain ammonia level because Goldfish produce the highest ammonia level in the tank.

Water Temperature:

Goldfish lives in both cold and warm Water temperature, but should generally be kept tank temperature between (22°C to 24°C) and Use Heater when the temperature is below 22 degrees.

Goldfish Lifespan:

Goldfish can live up to 5-10 years if properly cared for, so it is worth the effort!

PH level:

Goldfish can live in both acidic and alkaline water, but prefer a PH level of 7.0.

Types of Goldfish

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