Green Terror Cichlid

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Green Terror Cichlid (Andinoacara Rivulatus)

Green Terror Cichlid is a very popular Freshwater fish. Green Terror cichlid belongs to the Cichlidae family. Green terror cichlid is growing very slowly they can reach their maximum size in 3 to 4 years. Green Terror cichlid Male can Grow up to 10-12 Inches and females can grow up to 8-10 Inches In Size. Green Terror cichlids need a lot of decorations in the form of rocks and plants to break up their line of sight or to provide them with a hiding place. Green Terror also jumps out of their aquariums, so make sure to have a hood that will keep them in.

Green Terror cichlid Scientific name is Andinoacara Rivulatus. Green terror cichlid is a bright-colored freshwater fish and this fish name Green Terror comes from his vibrant green color that these fishes tend to have. Their colors are influenced by their natural habitat which is heavily shaded and dark. Green Terror cichlid is also popular as large bodies cichlids and they are also known as territory fish. They are native to South America, where they are found throughout the Amazon River basin.

Green Terror cichlid is extremely Aggressive toward other fishes Do not keep them with small fishes in a tank there is a big chance that they can kill or badly injured other fishes they can only live with their similar-sized fishes. It’s better to keep similar-sized cichlid with them or a Pair of Green terror in a tank and keep Hiding places in an aquarium tank like Driftwood because the hiding place can calm the aggressive behaviour of green terror .

Green terror cichlid

Green Terror Care

Green terror cichlid is a little bit difficult to care for. they are very sensitive in water conditions if the water condition is not good they can get sick or Depressed So check the water quality daily and change 30% to 40% weekly & clean gravel or sand every month. One common disease found in green terror cichlid is a fungal infection which cause by bad water quality. Don’t overfeed your green terror cichlid because overfeeding cause the issue with his digestive system. Use strong filtration to maintain ammonia level for best result use the biological filter.

Green Terror Tank Size

The tank size for Green terror is should be 80 to 100 Gallons (350 liters) and 3-4 feet long in size with fine sand or gravels because They are active swimmers they need plenty of space for swimming.

Green terror cichlid

Green Terror Tanks Mates

Green terror cichlid is a very aggressive fish they can live together with a few other fish like Flowerhorn, Oscar cichlid, Parrot cichlid, Severum Cichlid, Jack Dempsey, Frontosa Cichlid, Midas cichlid, and Texas cichlid.

Green Terror Diet

Green terror cichlid is omnivores fish. They can eat both meat and plant material. So you can feed them Pellets, Flakes, Bloodworms, Shrimps, and frozen Brine shrimps and don’t feed high protein diet. Also remember that feed them once or twice.

Green terror cichlid

Green Terror Lifespan

The Average lifespan of Green terror cichlid is approximately about 8 to 10 years or more in captivity with proper care, Diet and water condition.

PH Level

Green terror cichlids prefers the ph level of the tank is from (6.5 to 7.5) ph.

Water Temperature

Green terror cichlids requires an average water temperature between (22° to 26°) Celcius Degree.

Green terror cichlid

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