Neon Tetra

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Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi)

Neon Tetra is a very Popular Freshwater aquarium fish. It was first described by the Danish zoologist Franz Julius Ferdinand Meves in 1887 in the Rio Negro in South America. Neon Tetra was belong to the family of Characidae. Neon tetra fish is very social in nature, Neon Tetra Fish also help each other when Neon tetras are sick Neon Tetra Fish will swim around the infested Neon tetra fish to protect it from others. Despite its conspicuous color, it is actually a very shy and peaceful fish that will not bother any other fishes or invertebrates when housed properly.

Neon tetra Scientific name is Paracheirodon innesi. Neon Tetra Grow up to 1.5 to 2 inches in size. Neon tetra fishes are uniquely characterized by their beautiful bright colors, red horizontal stripe, and the absence of scales. Neon tetras got their name because of their neon color which makes them look glowing under light or in dark waters where you can see your reflection on the body of Neon tetra fish. Neon Tetra Fish goes well in schools and they are compatible with each other.

Neon tetra fish is a schooling fish and prefers to be kept in groups of five or more Neon tetra fishes because Neon Tetra Fish feel safe when Neon tetras are in school Because Neon tetras have been known to have a disease commonly known as swim bladder disorder which makes Neon Tetra Fish swim belly up if Neon Tetra Fish is alone and also should not be housed with large fish that could potentially eat Neon Tetra Fish because Neon tetras are small and vulnerable to larger predators.

Neon Tetra Care

Neon Tetra is a Very Hardy Fish. The neon tetra is very easy to care for. They are very Sensitive in Water conditions and temperature. Because Neon Tetra loves clean water. So check the water quality daily and change 25% to 30% weekly and keep the water hardness about 5 – 12 dGH & Neon Tetra is a tropical species they do not survive well in colder climates outside their natural environment because  Neon Tetra cannot live below 15 C (59  F). Use strong Filtration for best result use sponge filter.

Neon Tetra Breeding

Neon Tetra is Bred on a commercial basis for use in home aquaria, where they are usually displayed singly. They require a tropical environment similar to that of South America, with warm water at about 24–26 °C (75–79 °F) and you didn’t need special equipment like breeding nets, breeding traps, etc. Neon Tetras have very similar environmental requirements as Australian Rainbowfish and Guppies.

Neon Tetra Diet

Neon Tetra Fish is very easy to feed. The neon tetra is omnivores fish that can eat both plant and meat material. You can feed them high-quality tropical flakes, Micro pallets, freeze-dried or frozen foods such as blood worms, or brine shrimps. A balanced diet is essential for your fish to grow healthily and remember that feed them once or twice a day.

Neon Tetra Tank Size

Neon Tetra Fish requires a minimum tank size of (15-20) gallons with plenty of live plants and hiding spaces. Add Driftwood with gravel and enough space to move around because Neon tetras swim in the middle and top level of water.

Neon Tetra Tanks Mate

Neon Tetra lives with Mollies, Guppies, platy, swordtail, corydoras catfish, Harlequin rasbora, Cardinal Tetra, Bloodfin Tetra, and a few other small fishes.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra Lifespan

Neon Tetras can usually live about 4 to 6 years or more if well taken care of.

PH Level

Neon tetra prefers PH Level of water (6.5-7.5) Ph.

Water Temperature

Neon Tetra requires an average water temperature between 22° & 26° Celcius degrees (71-80 F) .

Neon Tetra

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