Regal Blue Tang

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Regal Blue Tang (Paracanthurus Hepatus)

Blue Tang is a very Popular Saltwater Surgeonfish and is also Known as Dory fish. Blue Tang tend to be happier in a community tank, and they Live more in captivity. They are very beautiful to look that is Blue Tang is a very popular fish around the world. Blue Tang fish can grow approximately up to 10 to 12 inches in size and The Female of  Blue Tang is smaller in comparison to the Male of Blue tang. Blue Tang is usually available in different sizes.

Blue Tang scientific name is Paracanthurus Hepatus. Blue Tang’s tropical is found in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. However, they have also been seen in the Mediterranean Sea.  They normally reside in reef waters and offshore areas.

Blue Tang have a uniform Blue color with a Yellow tail. The blue tang is a little bit shy fish and Blue Tang is semi-aggressive fish they can show their aggression toward Other Tangs and saltwater fishes. Blue Tang fish will do best in a saltwater aquarium tank that has plenty of space, lots of rocks, and driftwood, as well as good lighting and Blue tang is safe for corals. Corals make the Blue Tang seem beautiful.

Blue tang

Blue Tang Care

Blue Tang is Difficult to care. The factors that affect fish health is Water condition and water hardness. So the water condition daily and Change the water of the tank 20% to 30% weekly and also maintain the water hardness from 8 to 12 dkh. Use strong filtration to maintain ammonia level for best result use biological filter. Another tip is that keep Blue tang in quarantine for 20 to 30 days before adding them to Main Tank To Make sure that fish is healthy and disease-free.

Blue Tang Tank Size

An ideal tank for Blue Tang is Approximately 3 Feet Long and has a Minimum of 120 Gallons. Because they are active swimmers it must be deep enough and should have a lot of space in between the rocks so that your fish can swim freely. It would be best if you would choose at least a Minimum 2 feet deep aquarium tank.

Blue Tang Diet

Blue Tang is an omnivore’s fish they can eat both meat and plant material. So you can feed your Blue tang Algae, Nori sheet, Seaweed, Sea veggies, ocean nutrition, Flakes,  Pellets, frozen shrimp, and Frozen fish feed Because Feeding is very important for any fish. Feed them 70% Plants material and 30% meat material that will keep them brighter and healthy. Although remember that feed them once or twice a day.

Blue Tang Lifespan

Blue Tang can Live up to 15 to 20 Years or More in captivity that is only dependent on your care, Diet, and water condition.

PH Level

You should Maintain the Ph level of the Aquarium Tank is up to (8.1 to 8.4)

Water Temperature

Blue Tang requires an average Water temperature between (22° to 26°) Celcius degrees.

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